From Serbia with Love -- The Trader behind an amazing 1,000% return


By Ken Waterman

Nenad Kerkez. The man, the trader behind a phenomenal 1,000% return. Documented by MyFxbook, which tracked Nenad Kerkez and other traders and signal service providers’ performance. I also followed this magnificent performance, trade by trade, day by day. Moreover, every one of his trades was available to anyone who signed up for his service ecs.LIVE from his previous company Elite CurrenSea. His returns are ROI-based; that is, how much was invested, not how some traders cheat and base their return on margin—a massive difference.

Nenad has left Elite CurrenSea and has embarked on his own, TOP-XE. With Nenad at the Helm TOP-XE, it will rocket into the #1 Forex trading company. You can find him on Facebook under Nenad Kerkez. Watch the daily posts of his excellent performance. If you are a Forex Trader, you can sign up for his Telegram channel; 100e for 1 month, 280e for 3 months and 540e (Euro) for 6 months. You will get exact entry, stop loss and take profit prices. He’s available for 1:1 sessions. 

All his results are live results, not some cowboy trader flaunting a pdf file with what could have happened if you traded their multimillion-dollar trading system. Nenad will remain 100% transparent. Few traders do this. They sell or present their trading from back-tested results. You can track his live results on

From Belgrade, Serbia, Nenad Kerkez, also known in the Forex community as Tarantula. 

when I asked him how he got the nickname, he said, ”I was the 3rd most popular trader out of 350,000 traders in 2012. So during my time at Forex Factory, I started trading Forex and mostly traded EUR/USD. I was trading both directions instead of just being short, as everyone did. Like a spider, I weaved back and forth, up and down, making trades in both directions, capturing pips in the net.”

A Master’s degree in Finance and Economics and a University Degree in International Economics from John Naisbitt University, combined with being self-taught trading Forex, led him to be a speaker at FXStreet Premium Webinar service, providing daily analysis and articles. He won the Golden PIP Award, Best Sell-Side Analysis Award in 2018 and the Best Video Podcast Award in 2017, both from FXStreet. He was also the Best Educator at UK Forex Awards 2016.

In the past, Nenad worked as a Head trader for Platinum Investments and as a Senior Analyst/Educator for Admiral Markets. He founded his own company Elite CurrenSea in 2014, together with Chris Svorcik. He combined working at Elite CurrenSea with being an analyst and Educator at FXDD and XM, not forgetting his collaborations with several Forex market sites such as FXtreet, ForexFactory, FXEmpire.

At 6’2”, 211 pounds of pure muscle, An unassuming man, Nenad, works from home with his dog Vin beside him. He works 9 hours a day, visits the gym six times a week and races motorbikes. Trading is his life; it's in his DNA.

Nenad, well known in the tight-knit Forex industry and the EU, is relatively unknown globally to traders. He puts some greats like Tudor Jones, Warren Buffet and even Richard Denis and his famous “Turtle Traders” to shame. Nenad has Been trading for twelve years, eight years professionally. Last year, his ROI was 110% in 2021, 80%, 2020, 65%, 2019, 1,000% and between 20 to 100% in previous years. The S&P average is between 10 to 11%, Warren Buffet 20.5% and Tudor Jones 18%.

Nenad has created some of the best trading systems on the market. His latest discovery is T-89, Tarantula 89, or Tail 89. It’s a highly accurate indicator that shows vital support and resistance. Nenad discovered its link to the powerful 88.6% Fibonacci level.

He has taken some of the most popular indicators on the market and customized them, making them far better. I know; I’ve traded his systems, used his custom indicators for over there years.

BlackWidow, his latest system, comprises all the best of his methods. It trades trending, counter-trend and ranging markets on a 15-minute and 1-hour chart. Before  considering the trade, it has to enter ‘the trading zone.’ The Trading Zone is an area of the daily price movement based on his custom ATR or average true range indicator. A ‘reverse’ indicator must appear and then confirmation of at least two custom trend lines; the daily, hourly or four-hour. All his indicators are coded; that is a black box. A trader can’t tell the math behind any of his indicators. 

Nenad is currently focusing on MEGATREND Trading System. Black Widow and other Nenad’s systems and indicators are available exclusively through BarKen Trading and Black Widow includes close to an hour of videos teaching the trading method of the system.

Nenad’s favourite quote is, “seeing is believing.” He puts his money where his mouth is. Contact him directly or contact BarKen Trading Company.  + 1 343 777 0176,

Ken Waterman

April 17th, 2022