About BarKen Trading

Ken Waterman, the founder of BarKen trading, brings 40 years of trading experience to the table. Ken knows what it’s like to be a retail trader. The frustration of losing, the battle of not letting your emotions get involved in your trading. Ten years as a currency trader with Merrill Lynch. Twenty years as a retail trader and ten years as a professional trader. 

All the systems we sell, we use every day in our trading. We have a trading system for every kind of trader; an Intraday, breakout, swing, scalper, trend or price action trader. Do you just want a system that gives you distinct buy and sell signals? We've got it all; we've got you covered.

Our Indicators have been designed by one of the most successful traders in the Forex Industry.

Are you looking for the Holy Grail in trading? We have it. It’s our simple but highly effective money management rules. We believe you can have the best, most accurate system, but you’ll still lose if you don’t use proper money management. We believe its money management combined with BarKen’s “trading psychology” that makes a great trader. Barken’s proper money management can save any trader from large drawdowns.

Follow us, buy one of our cost-effective manual trading systems, then move up the chain to our ultimate “Black Widow” trend following, break-out signal-based system. Following our clear-cut rules, Black Widow produces a net 150 pips daily.

We know the junk that is out there. The cowboy “Masterclass Traders” who are only interested in you buying their latest “make a million dollars per second systems.”

BarKen just wants to help you "not lose" in Forex Trading. We can help you get into the top 10-20% of traders who win and make money.

Follow us, get to know us, Then trust us. We look forward to a long-term relationship with you.


Ken Waterman

Owner and Founder